The 14th Century Antiwar Protest Marching Song
The Zingian National Anthem
The Bluesy Redneck Southern Rock Cocaine-induced Hippie Song For Tenured Academic Baby Boomers
A Condom on Every Penis
The Job Relocation Adjustment Song for a British Bloke from Hadley
Waiter, There's a Phenomenologist in My Soup
Yuppie Roosters of the Silicon Chicken Ranch
Seafaring Psychoanalysts of the Deep for Fashermen

The Beatles??

Sleepy Fred's Congestive Hearts Club Band / With a Little Help from My Friends
I Saw Her Sanding There
Yes, I Paid
And Your Phone Won't Ring
Back in the Commonwealth of Independent States
Lovely Pita
You've Got to Hide Your Toys Away
If I Fell
Jackson's Silver Nipple
Tommy in the Car with Peanuts
Ride My Horse
Everybody's Trying to Eat My Gravy
Old Brown Food
While Your Alarm Loudly Shrieks
Do You Want to See My Nipple
I've Just Seen Saddam
Things We Ate Today
Away from the Wife
A Day in the Life
Two of Us