Quick reads. One page novels. That's all you need to get a story across!

Eat the Veggies: A Novel about Sex, Power, and Brussels Sprouts


Murder in a Large Metropolitan City Near the Red Light District By the River Next to Starbucks: A Novel by the Absolutely Great and Terrific J. J. Wordy

True Fiction: A Woman's Climb Out of the Pit of Destruction After She Was Hit By a Truck, Steamrolled, Stepped on by a Young Model Wearing Leather Boots with Those Huge Heels, and Dumped into a Garbage Truck and Had That Thing Go Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! on Top of Her to Squish Her Down

Forensic Crime Scene Special Pathology Task Force - Homicide and Gruesome Accidental Suicide Unit (FCSSPTF-HGASU): Miami

Mascara Weekend in L.A: Why Doesn't He Want Me? Is it my Shoes? Another Story about Sex in Either L.A. or New York, This time L.A.

Dark and Deathly Twilight Doubleheaders: A Novel about an Undead Half Breed Who Just Loves Baseball and Is Really Good at Remembering Statistics