Forensic Crime Scene Special Pathology Task Force - Homicide and Gruesome Accidental Suicide Unit (FCSSPTF-HGASU): Miami

Another crime scene. A woman is found strangled and beaten - that is, before she was found, not after. I had to go with my partner Snuffy to take prints and whatever else we do. Sort of like that show on TV.
"Yo," said Snuffy.
"Yo," I said.
"Great day for examining mangled dried up dead cold decomposed bodies, isn't it."
"Sure is. Let's go eat a big breakfast and spin around really fast for about 15 minutes before we examine the body."
We went to McDonald's and ordered bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits and found sat in a booth.
"How was CSI last night?" he asked me.
"SSSSHHHHHHHH!" I shushed.
"We're not supposed to mention THAT."
"What the hell are you talking about?"
"Copyright laws," I whispered.
"Huh? Hey, look, it's Caine!!"
Yes, he was in McDonalds. Snuffy's gonna get us in big trouble man.
"Hey Caine, stoppin' in before going to work?"
"My name is David Caruso, not Caine. That's just a character I play on CSI," he explained to my idiot friend.
"SSSSHHHHHHHH!" I shushed.
"What's his problem?" Caruso asked.
"Horatio my man, I love the way you figured out how that pit-crew guy was burned to death."
"Caruso, David Caruso! That's just a damn show man."
"Where's Delko?"
"You gotta watch something else besides CS..."
"SSSSHHHHHHHH!" I shushed but no one is listening, so maybe I should yell it!
"I can't believe I just met Horatio Caine!!!" my really stupid friend said.
"Do you need to be held?" I asked.
... they lived reasonably happily ever after.