Island of Freedom - "Western Canon web encyclopedia" was the description when it was introduced in 1997. Since then it moved east too, with sections on Confucius, Taoism, "Bhagavad Gita," and the Buddha. Most of the information was gleaned from Grolier Encyclopedia, readings from philosophy or religion dictionaries, the online version of the Catholic Encyclopedia, and a few other books. Links to web pages regarding various philosophers, theologians, poets, composers, and artists are included, and quotations.

That Single Individual - acknowledges that single individual Søren Kierkegaard's life and works. A biography and a list of works are included, and the best part is the random quote generator.

Ground Loco II - The Sequel (Not the Movie!) -- The first thing you see is a warning: "This website may cause obesity. Click here to sue the owner of this website." Up pops a picture of John Edwards telling you to admire his head. And it only gets better. There technically was a "Ground Loco" once, but it was replaced by this "sequel" of a website. The "Not the Movie" is just a non-sequitur. Some of the material on the site went into the book "Squibbed!", and some other material contain sight gags that couldn't go into the book. Try the online games, such as "Pinch the Antiwar Protester" or "Tickle Me Marxist".

Helene Pilibosian, owner of Ohan Press, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, to survivors of the Armenian Genocide. She founded Ohan Press 1983 with the publication of Carvings from an Heirloom: Oral History Poems. She then published At Quarter Past Reality: New and Selected Poems (first prize from Writer's Digest) and History's Twists: The Armenians (honorable mention). Her poems have been published in many magazines and anthologies as well as won prizes. She has recently published A New Orchid Myth (sci-fi poetry) from CreateSpace in 2014.