Who Cares About Pahkeestahn, Check Out Barry's Pecs!

Ground Loco II Entertainment News Reporter Studley Reemer Reporting

Ladies, I know some of you worry ALL the time, wondering what would happen if the Taliban got Pakistan's nukes. Lord have mercy, they'd get on your ass fast. Get them burqas out the closet, biyatch! Cover up them goodies or daddy'll whoop you and knock you up fast, keep you outta trouble. Take away them pills, cause you're a babymama from now on. And no talking ever again! Personally, I'm not worried though. Have you seen those pecs on that hunk of a president?

Mmmm, he is a hunk of brown sugar. I mean who caaaaaaares about Pakistan, that's like 500 miles away! With those pecs, you think he couldn't take care of 'em anyway? I've seen a lot of male pectorals, girls, and no one in the Taliban comes even close to Barry's. Talibanies don't exactly seem too sexy, you know. I'm not much for beards anyway. I'll take a smooth man with toned pecs anytime.

But Michelle Obama, now that's one scary bitch girls. He is tooooooo good for her.

I don't know what he sees in her. I think his dealings with foreign dictators must be easier than his dealings with that homely bug-eyed you know what. God, I'm sure I'd make a better first lady! Anyway, think of those pecs girls, the next time you see one of those ugly hairy Taliban dudes on TV.