The doctor whom we all have come to either love or hate, or perhaps like or dislike, or maybe have not much of an opinion of but side towards liking, or have not much of an opinion of but side towards disliking, or possibly have not any opinion of whatsoever, has become quite a tap dancer. Thinking about death has filled his time quite a bit recently, but he has used his time to learn how to tap on his own. "I didn't want anyone assisting me, I learned it on my own in those painful moments of loneliness when I just felt like dying," the doctor said in a short interview I recently had with him. "I didn't want some religious nut telling me that tapping was evil. I did it because I wanted to relieve my suffering." His fellow prisoners apparently are enjoying his constant tapping. "He's great when I try to take my afternoon nap," one prisoner told me. "He just taps me to sleep. He really cares about us, he's really considerate and compassionate. And he especially likes to get up in the middle of the night and tap as loud as he can. We all appreciate the effort he's making." One prisoner said he can do whatever he likes... it's fine with him. "Oh yeah, 'e's a great bloke. If 'e wants to dance, let 'im. Anytime 'e wants is fine.'" Dr. Kevorkian says that many fellow prisoners are suffering needlessly, and he wishes that he could help them. But apparently, although they approve of him, he seems a bit of an outcast among his peers. "They're all a bunch of religious nuts" he said quietly, as he tapped to "Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head."