In a speech to the Association of Educators of Children, the president of a group called the International Bambi Fan Club (IBFC) recommended the famous movie for all children of the world to promote tolerance and niceness. When the comments were posted online, several prominent imams in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia were outraged.

The material deemed offensive was this part of the speech:

"Bambi encourgages children to play and laugh, and have lots of fun. We think children should have fun."

Riots soon erupted in parts of the Muslim world. In a village in Indonesia, several hundred people protested the insulting comments by burning Bambi DVDs. Several protesters had to be rushed to a hospital for smoke inhalation.

In Saudi Arabia, hundreds of people held up various signs protesting the movie. Effigies of Thumper were burned.

Aftermath of Riot and the Burning of Thumper Effigy

In Great Britain, a large group of women denounced Bambi and proclaimed that he was an offspring of an infidel deer prostitute. One of the women denounced all movies with animals, calling them "filthy decrepit videos of the wiles of Satan."

Kill the infidel son of a whore Bambi!!

Men in Jordan were seen holding signs proclaiming that the purity of Muslim children was being tainted by frivolous play and cartoons that depict animals as cute creatures. One cleric, Ahmed Mahmoud Mohammed al-Biriyani, called the speech by the IBFC "offensive, vulgar, encouraging vice, and probably a Jewish conspiracy to dominate the world."

Children of Islam Do Not Have Fun!!!

In Iran, the morning chants had changed as a response to the speech. Bambi is now officially called "that decadent fawn of the Great Satan."

Death to America!! Death to Israel!! Death to Bambi!! Death to Thumper!!

Men in Kashmir protested Bambi by assuming that he was created by Hindu extremists in order to take control of the disputed territory.

Kashmir belongs to Islam!! Bambi is a Hindu idolator!!

Crowds of Afghanis also shouted epithets and claimed that the Bambi movie is a weapon of the Israeli occupiers of Palestine and is meant to confuse Palestinian children preparing for martyrdom.

Jews, Crusaders, and Bambi out of Palestine!!

So far there has been no comment from the IBFC.