As a card-carrying member of the ACLU, I'm horrified at the bigoted and racist "game" you call "Islam, The Religion of Peace: Right!". Because America is such a bigoted and racist nation lead by a bigoted and racist president who stole two elections, al-Qaeda justifiably targets Americans in their quest for liberation from American imperialism and heterosexism. As a card-carrying member of the ACLU, I understand what it's like to live under such an oppressive and homophobic conditions. I understand what it's like to see multinational corporations and greedy oil companies destroying the environment of our land, I mean, Native American land that my white Anglo-Saxon ancestors stole. I detect your homophobic attitude when making fun of Islam and Usama bin Laden, who is likely a homosexual (since he lives in a homophobic society, of course he's going to claim that he has several wives. But have you ever seen him around women? No, only men!). You're also narrow-minded because you think some values are better than others, though we all know that everyone has a different perspective and what's true for some is not necessarily true for others, and I'm definitely right about that!! If America weren't so obsessed with oil there would be no al-Qaeda, so your attempt to connect Islam with terrorism is just totally fascist and wrong and homophobic. I'm glad I'm superior to you.

- Marc Smith
President of SLASH (Self-Loathing Anglo-Saxon Hippies) and a card carrying member of the ACLU

I'm moved by your sensitivity. Perhaps you could offer to be a casualty in the next terrorist attack! You could even offer to cut off your own head!


-- WPH