A: Good evening. Today I have with me X, a professional interviewer with a lucrative magazine who interviews top name stars. Hello X.

X: Hello, this is X. Today I have with me an interviewer who interviews professional interviewers. Good evening A.

A: What's it like to interview top stars who make billions of dollars and care about the poor?

X: What's it like to interview awesome people like me?

A: Is what you do more fun?

X: Do you drive an awesome Porsche like me, or just a Volkswagen?

A: Do I look like I care what you drive?

X: Are you happy with your lowly job, and those clothes?!

A: Would you get off your pedestal and answer my questions?

X: If I do, will you tell me who you plan to interview in the coming weeks?

A: Only if you tell me why you're such a ****.

X: Ah ha! Gotcha! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!

A: Look, this isn't gonna work.

X: Sure it will, but you have to remember that my article is going to be called Interview with an Interviewer who Interviews Professional Interviewers by a Professional Interviewer.

A: How can it work?

X: Do I look like I know?

A: You don't know?

X: That's what I said, why are you so stupid?

A: Who you callin' stupid?

X: Well, this was all very interesting. Why don't you try the Interview with the Testicles of Ivan the Terrible?