I Don't Know About You, But I Think Britney Should Run This Year

Ground Loco II Entertainment News Reporter Studley Reemer Reporting

I know, you're thinking "girlfriend, you're crazy." Britney Spears' life is out of control, why would she want to run for president? Think about it! She does whatever she wants and everyone around her cleans up after her. She parties, spends money like crazy, dumps her kids off with her nanny staff (Consuela and Margarita?) and just craves attention. Sooooo much more interesting than the frumpy Hillary Ironrod Clinton. Whoever Hill's wardrobe people are, they need to doll her up ok, because she not only acts like the wicked witch, she looks just like one.

So why not recruit Britney? And look at all the other choices. Barack Obama? Ok, he looks good in a suit and has a sexy voice, but I'm sick of men of all colors. And the Republican line-up looks like they're running to be president of the Funeral Directors Association of America.

These are serious times people! We need a flamboyant diva who can do a striptease for Ahmadinejad. You want Saudi Arabia to fall in line? Send Brit over to shake it for them, in front of all the cameras. She could topple kingdoms with her assets. Besides, she can look totally bitchy and serious too, but unlike Hillary, she exudes total diva-ness.

Britney should run, and if she wins, hell she's just the face, someone else will run her administration. But I don't think she's up for it.

If only Rudy Giuliani would campaign in drag. He'd be frontrunner in no time.