Robert H. Sarkissian grew up in Watertown, Massachusetts and went to Northeastern University to study electrical engineering. With a B.S. he began working as a quality assurance engineer, then became a technical writer. He began writing poems and satirical stories, and has several published poems to his credit, which have appeared in such magazines as Athena Incognito, Pen and Ink, Mind in Motion, Lynx Eye, Silver Wings/Mayflower Pulpit, and online at Armenian Poetry Project ( He published a book in 2010 entitled Squibbed! Satires and Other Oddities, and in 2011 he published The Wind Coughed At Dawn. In 2014, he published Packing Parachutes the Mini-Musical: And Other Strange Literary Concoctions, followed by Pray for Five, Write for Five, in 2017.